IRF Meeting, 30th July '14 update - WRC - 12WRC South Dakota - Agenda

Update 30th July 2014 - Dear IRF Councillors and Observers
Following my broadcast of 11th July below I have received some requests to add some items to the agenda. I have also been advised that there will be either five or six countries represented at the meeting but that David Rowlands (ARA President) will not be attending due to injury.
Thus I have made some slight adjustments to the agenda and it is now proposed to be as follows:
Download this file (IRF Strategic Plan Report v2.pdf)IRF Strategic Plan Report version two [IRF Strategic Plan Report: outlining some issues and to encourage further discussion]68 kB
Download this file (Strategic Plan Rogaining August 2014.pdf)IRF Strategic Plan Rogaining August 2014[IRF Strategic Plan for Rogaining August 2014 - for discussion at the 12WRC IRF Forum South Dakota]109 kB

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IRF Meeting Minutes, July 2013, 11WRC2013 Russia

"International Rogaining Federation
WRC 2013 IRF Meeting Minutes 25th July 2013
Attendees: Richard Robinson (Aus), Sergev Yashchenko (Rus), Sergey Simakin (Rus Pres), Alexey
Nikitin (Rus 2013 WRC Director), Alexander Shumsky (Rus), Guntars Mankus (Lat), Rod Gray (Aus),
Jorge Virguitu (Sp), Eric Culom (Sp), Roberto Pascual (Sp), Sharon Crawford (USA), Rob Gardner (Aus)
Apologies: Rod Phillips, Neil Phillips, Bob Reddick, Jan Tjonar, Lauri Leppick, Jose Vargar, Marco
Rossler, Oleksander Letyehevskyy, David Rowlands, David Baldwin, Bud Laird, Jose Nilton Silva
1. WRC 11 Status. A variety of terrains with some thick vegetation and some marshes with
only a few people living in the villages. There may be a few people gathering berries and
mushrooms. There are 6 water drops and the spring and lake water is also of good quality as
there has been no agriculture for about 40 years. There are 730 competitors from 23
countries with a large proportion from Russia and adjoining countries. The Russian Army is
being very supportive and providing showers, cooking, tents and other facilities. They have
adopted the sport as part of their training program and also have several teams competing
from different Divisions across Russia. The opening ceremony will commence at 5pm with
music and the speeches at 7.30pm. There are no major outstanding issues. (A)
2. Technical Report. The items being considered for further assessment by the Technical
Development Committee will involve the following issues and other items. Drafts will be
prepared and refined and presented for further discussion to the Executive (Action: SY).
Lauri Leppik prepared a draft set of revised Technical Regulations a little while ago and these
are being used as a basis for a possible update..." Please read the attached PDF for the complete minutes.
Download this file (IRF minutes 11 WRC Final.pdf)IRF Minutes 11WRC2013 Russia[Minutes of IRF meeting held in conjunction with 11WRC2013 Russia ]52 kB