Organising Rogaines and Starting a Rogaining association

Organising a Rogaine

'Organising a Rogaine' by Rod Costigan remains a must read for those interested in organising and assisting in the organising of a rogaine. Please see the link to greenstock... below. This article is a work progress, your contributions are welcome and encouraged.


Starting a Rogainng association
"What! Me start a rogaining association. No way." And no wonder. Starting a rogaining association would surely require lawyers and accountants, thousands of dollars and a couple of financial experts thrown in for good measure.

Not so. Enthusiasm, a love of the sport and some friends who feel the same way are all you need. Help can be obtained from many sources. A question on the internet will typically generate answers and offers of help within hours from both hemispheres. Most issues can be dealt with along the way after you have taken the first step, namely deciding to form your own association.

A rogaining association provides a focus for the sport in your area, whether it be a region, a state or a nation. It provides a means to promote the sport, to help its development and to obtain funding for these purposes. Other groups can run highly successful rogaines but usually have a variety of other interests that divert members' time and resources away from the sport. Building the membership fee into the cost of your next event provides funds. Public liability insurance is cheap once the safe nature of the sport is recognized. As with any organization, success depends on being able to listen to your members and respond promptly.

Look at the stories behind the formation of these four rogaining associations, each formed in different circumstances, and see if one provides a template for you. Then contact the International Rogaining Federation for further help.


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