2023 World Rogaining Championships

WRC2023 terrainEntries are open for the 2023 World Rogaining Championships to be held at Northstar Resort near Lake Tahoe in California, USA. The event is part of the Cal-O-Fest orienteering carnival.

The competition area is about 200 km2 in size located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range north of Lake Tahoe, in California. The average altitude in the area is around 2300m, the highest point is 2700m, and the lowest point is about 1900m. Slopes are mostly hilly with some steep areas and deep ravines. Snow covers the area for 7-8 months of the year which contributes to the forest being very open and runnable with just small patches of thick vegetation. The forest ranges from open grassy areas to mainly pine forest and some rocky outcrops. Streams in the area will be mostly low during the summer.

Event website: https://cal-o-fest.com/stage_10