Set a Rogaine - process by Nick Lethbridge

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This manual is intended to provide guidance to rogaining organisers and rogaine course setters and vetters on the organising, setting and vetting processes. It is recognised that the processes used will vary widely from place to place and event to event. 
The use of the processes described in the manual are not mandatory. Attention is drawn in particular to the Process Summary checklist which sets out the steps typically required in setting and vetting a rogaining course. No all of these steps will be applicable to all events or rogaining organisations but the checklist serves as a useful reminder
Important Note: Allow yourself plenty of time ! Start soon, work steadily, enjoy it all
:-) It's not all work. It does take time. Some of your work will need to wait --
politely -- on the efforts of others. Start early and allow yourself time to enjoy your
rogaine setting and vetting.
The Setting & Vetting team
A Rogaine is set by a team: at least two setters plus at least two vetters. Two of each
so that they can support each other in their work. The team approach also allows a
less experienced setter or vetter to work with and learn from a more experienced
The setters set... and the vetters check that the setting is accurate and fair. Those are
the responsibilities. Actual work may be shared -- as long as all work is first done --
and then independently checked by another member of the team.
What skills are required by setters and vetters ? Team members must be fit enough to
take part in a rogaine... Setting and vetting requires a similar level of effort if not
more. You also need spare time to be dedicated to the task -- over several months.
Most importantly... At least one setter must be an experienced rogainer -- who has a
clear understanding of, What Makes a Rogaine.
What makes a Rogaine ?
Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation. Rogaining is also a
recreational activity, which aims to support and encourage people to develop respect
for and enjoyment of rural and forest environments. A rogaine provides challenging
enjoyment to serious athletes and enjoyable challenge to less serious participants.
The focus of a rogaine is on navigating to controls. The controls are not hidden.
They are placed in the competition area and the locations marked on the competition
map. There is both challenge and enjoyment in getting from control to control.
Each competing team chooses its own path, following its own sequence of controls. 
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