IRF Meeting, 30th July '14 update - WRC - 12WRC South Dakota - Agenda

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Update 30th July 2014 - Dear IRF Councillors and Observers
Following my broadcast of 11th July below I have received some requests to add some items to the agenda. I have also been advised that there will be either five or six countries represented at the meeting but that David Rowlands (ARA President) will not be attending due to injury.
Thus I have made some slight adjustments to the agenda and it is now proposed to be as follows:
1:00pm                 Introductions – All attendees will be asked to advise their name, country and the role they play in rogaining administration there
1:20pm                 Technical – A general discussion on technical and rules related issues. If Sergey is in attendance, which looks very likely, I ask that he leads the discussion otherwise I ask that Lauri takes the lead
1:50pm                 Strategic Plan – We have received quite a number of constructive comments on the draft Strategic Plan. David Rowlands, who did most of the drafting, has agreed to take the lead on discussing these and the plan to complete this work. David Baldwin will lead the discussion on behalf of David Rowlands
2:10pm                 WRC Matters - David Baldwin to present the data from the recent survey coordinated by the ARA and some of the possible learnings from recent WRCs regarding the WRC Host selection process and the potential use of the ARA’s International Development Fund to support WRCs
2:30pm                 Break
2:45pm                 National Perspectives – I ask that one individual from each country represented at the meeting take not more than 10 minutes providing an update of the status and forward plans for rogaining in their country. Key items to be addressed include:
·         Size of the sport (eg numbers of events and participants plus geographical extent)
·         Expected or proposed development and growth
·         Item(s) they would like the IRF to address and/or focus on
3:45pm                 Other Business
~4:00pm              Close
I look forward to catching up with many of you there
Download this file (IRF Strategic Plan Report v2.pdf)IRF Strategic Plan Report version two [IRF Strategic Plan Report: outlining some issues and to encourage further discussion]68 kB
Download this file (Strategic Plan Rogaining August 2014.pdf)IRF Strategic Plan Rogaining August 2014[IRF Strategic Plan for Rogaining August 2014 - for discussion at the 12WRC IRF Forum South Dakota]109 kB