IRF Newsletter 196 - European Rogaining Championships 2013

"...World Rogaining Championships will be held this year in Russia and next year in the USA. Are you planning to participate in either of these events and if so, what are your goals?
I have earlier considered rogaining to be the second most ridiculous endurance discipline after ultra-running. I am not sure if we are going to participate. If we do, the only goal is victory. Rogaining may be practiced either as a fitness exercise or then seriously. There is no half way, it is not that fun." Conclusion of the interview with Petri Forsman-Henrika Malmström for the rest of the fun you will need to read the full article. Thanks for the interview questions by Eduard Pukkonen with English translation and editing by Lauri Leppik.
The Newsletter contains the full transcript of the interview with Petri and Henrika who finished second in the Open Mixed Competition in January 2013, ERC Spain along with further reports from Valters Kaminskis and Anita Liepina European rogaining champions 2013 in mixed open category and Lauri Leppik, IRF Vice President.
Happy reading and rogaining.
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