IRF Newsletter 186


IRF Newsletter 186 Generic World Rogaining Championship Criteria
Important, last updated 15th September 2012 by Alan Mansfield- please note the following:
"Entering WRCs - The WRC Organisers and the IRF encourages all interested athletes/teams to enter 11WRC2013RUS. There is a selection criteria in place to reward those who have performed well at qualifying rogaines however it is not our intention to discourage any athletes/teams entry." 
"There are entry criteria that will be used to select entrants for this World Rogaining Championships if the initial number of entry requests exceed the 1,200 available places. Based on previous events we expect that everyone who applies for entry between the opening of entries on xx yyy 2012 and the closing of Phase 1 entries on zz qqq 2012 will be offered an entry. Furthermore if, as expected, the number of entry applications in Phase 1 does not exceed 1,200 all restrictions on entries will be lifted "
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